Тази серия бе част от изложба участваща  EyesOn Виена в дом Витгенщайн. This  set was  part of EyesOn Vienna in House of Wittgenstein. Контрастност и хармония.                                         Contrast and harmony. Средата гради и разпада… Continue reading

“Unstable” exhibition

These images are part of a photographic exhibition called “Unstable”. The exhibition was part of the Night of Museum and Galleries Plovdiv 2012. My inspiration about the title was our little dark emotions,… Continue reading

Deep inside


Nature morte

Canon 50D Canon 17-85mm

In square

Mamiya C330 Kodak 400asa cross proces

Hidden in you

Olympus Mju 2 Rollei Retro 100 Rodinal 1/100 1h

Into the Center

Olympus Mju 2 Agfa 200asa


Irakli Bulgaria Olympus Mju 2 Agfa 200 asa

There where they are

  Pentax SP Helios44m Fuji Superia 100 Olympus Mju 2 Rollei Retro 100 Rodinal 1/100 Praktica MTL3 Helios44m Orwo NP15 Rodinal 1/50 Pentax SP Helios44m Agfa 200 Pentax SP Chinon 28mm Agfa 200… Continue reading

Chaika II

Chaika II  35mm camera Irakli, Bulgaria “Me” by Angel Dimitrov Shterev